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Our purpose is to create opportunities for experiencing deeper embodiment, release of shame, healing and unification of aspects of self, and to offer simple tools toward increased peace, enjoyment and congruence in all aspects of life.

We offer sessions in person in our beautiful Seattle studio,
or virtually, anywhere. 




{Guided Meditation}


Meditations are a particular passion!  Whether Chakra based, centered on a specific goal/concept, or yoga Nidra, meditations are inspired, creative and mesmerizing.  

 In person or via Skype/Phone for individuals and groups of all sizes.


30 minutes/60

45 minutes/90 

1 hour/120







Affirming, creative yet simple flow style yoga aimed toward greater body awareness and gentle strength and flexibility.  Designed to make you feel empowered and amazing.  

Individuals and groups.


{Private Yoga Sessions}

1 hour/120

 1.5 hours/180


{Yoga for Groups, Events, and Workshops}

pricing varies, please inquire







Tantra sessions employ a variety of techniques such as breath work, guided meditations, sensory  exercises, gentle assisted yoga type movement, and a variety of reiki and reiki like touch to clear, move,  circulate energy, and to activate sensuality and vitality. 

 A beautifully connected experience. Sessions are not sexual.



{Initial Session}

Pause, awaken, receive.

 This is your introduction into tantric practice.  Body, mind, and spirit engage as you learn the basics of tantric philosophy, the foundation of breath control, meditation, and intuitive touch, guided every step of the way by the loving presence, mesmerizing voice, and gentle hands of your goddess.   You will leave refreshed, energized, and quite possibly transformed by your experience.  

 A beautiful foray into tantra designed to initiate a transformative way of BEING.


1 or1.5 hours 240/360


{The Experience Deepens}

Breathe deeply. 

 Your practice continues.  Progress further on the path of integration and embodiment, activating the senses as you are guided in hypnotic meditation, learning new breath techniques, releasing old narratives, shifting habits, and engaging ever more richly with your senses.


1.5 or 2 hours 360/480




Dive in.

Refine your practice. Harness the transformative power of pleasure.  Building on what you have learned, your capacity to experience true intimacy and pure pleasure expands and liberates mind and body.

 Relax into the practice with a generous time frame.


2.5 or 3 hours 600/720




Each additional hour/240










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